maandag 28 oktober 2013

Sint inspiration

SINT stamp by Miss Honeybird 
cardboard deer by Laat mij maar schuiven
Fox cushions by Cake-Mixstore
postcard-my stars by Worldly Treasury
knit by La Retahila
Moustache button by Jootje Styling
Haringmaatjes by VIS-R

Recently I launched my first give-away in collaboration with DaWanda, an online platform for shops selling handmade, unique and sometimes individualized products.

Happy to share the Met Melk&Suiker favorites for the Sinterklaas-special on the Dutch DaWanda-site. Because the old Sint-Nicholas really needs your help to buy all the presents in time for his b-day event on December 5th*.

But be carefull, you can wander around for hours on this lovely site for your Sint-event preparation :)
And while the shops on DaWanda share products which are nice to have every event or moment of the year I will update my I-wish list every now and then!

Enjoy the 'Sint-voorpret'!

*for all foreign followers on my blog: Sinterklaas is a dutch event where Sint Nicholas ;) is celebrating his birthday on the 5th of December buying presents for all the children in The Netherlands.

zondag 27 oktober 2013

Dutch Design blessings #3

Our second day at the Dutch Design Week we spent our time at the Inner City area of Eindhoven. Starting with breakfast at CoffeeYou before visiting the Design Academy Graduation Show called Self Unself in the 'Witte Dame'.

I really loved the Graduation Show, being exposed in this great industrial, former Philips building with huge windows creating so much incidence of sunlight. Admiring so many inspiration in one place shared by students from the Design Academy. And suprised by so many projects having a relationship with communication, healt care and psychology. Like No Milk by Debbie Hovens, A Series of MnemonicsRevealing Maps of Cancer by Renee Scheepers, The Rejection by Marieke Vonk or Settings of Connection by Sanne Ree Barthels.

The Van Abbe museum has an expo with the theme Self Unself as well, being part of the dialoque with the Design Academy. The last three pictures give a small impression, but unfortunately the battery of my camera was empty after visiting the Graduation Show. Happy for having my iPhone as a back-up, but unfortunately not all the pictures taken inside the Van Abbe were sharp enough. So perhaps you should go see the exhibition yourself which is still possible until the 17th of November!

Ending our Inner City trip at the Dutch Design Week at Crowdy House. A new crowdfunding platform for designers launched this week with beautiful concepts to be produced when supported by enough people.

Feeling so blessed for two days of inspiration, meetings with lovely people and leaving with so many impressions and pictures in my head. And for sharing blogpost #300 with you!

zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Dutch Design Week #2

While travelling from Strijp R to the 'Klokgebouw' on Strijp S on our first day visiting the DDW we passed the 'Torenallee'. An industrial area with lots of workspaces for designers, interior shops like Yksi Expo and the Ontdekfabriek, where kids can build their own design from left-over materials (also open every week of the year on wednesday and sunday!).

We visited the Dutch Design Awards exposed at the Gerard building and the exhibition of 'Hier is Utrecht', while falling in love with the soft cabinets made from foam rubber by Dewi van der Klomp. 'Hier is Utrecht' is a designers collective from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten having there design projects exposed at the cool Skate Park AREAFIFTYONE during the Dutch Design Week.

Area51 is located at the 'Ketelhuisplein', a rough area with beautiful graffiti-walls, also containing an original Lois shop and great restaurants like Radio Royaal where we had dinner.
Radio Royaal is situated in a former Philips energy factory. Such an impressive building and such a great interior with lots of styling details. Feeling sorry I couldn't make pictures of it because of the evening light. Which is a nice excuse to come back soon :)

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Dutch Design Week #1

The Dutch Design Week, every year 9 days of design, art, interior, and most of all lots of inspiration in Eindhoven. In 2012 I couldn't join this great event, so happy to be there 2 days this year: walking around, making pictures, acquiring inspiration. Visiting Strijp R, Strijp S, the 'Klokgebouw', 'Hier is Utrecht', the Dutch Design Award, the Design Academy Graduation Show at the 'Witte Dame', the exhibition at the 'Van Abbe Museum', the inner city, Crowdy House and dining at Radio Royaal. Happy to share the inspiration in some posts the coming week.
Like sharing our visit at Piet Hein Eek and Ontwerpduo on this first day of my DDW-posts.
I truly love the Piet Hein Eek spot on Strijp-R, with new initiatives like Social Label, an exhibition of Anton Beeke, It's a miracle and the PHE-bench developed in cooperation with Freitag.
A great place to stay and have lunch (not only on DDW-days!).
Buying a neon pink tallow developed by Ontwerpduo, who were having an open house on the PHE-area during the DDW. Showing their designs like the great cageling, rockid and light forest. Not buying one of the tallows of their great standard color collections, but a try-out. Sharing a picture of it the coming days.

And so nice to travel between the different DDW spots with the Mini Design Rides :)

zondag 20 oktober 2013

Ollie & Fee

Love this bedding, with a picture of Ollie, designed and produced by SNURK.
Especially since we have our own Ollie, called Fee.
Always a little bit jealous while observing her laziness.

maandag 14 oktober 2013

pile of inspiration

pic: Inke
pic: pure home
pic: Met Melk&Suiker

Six months ago I saw the great Sending Animals cabinet at Van Mij, one of my favorite shops in Arnhem [post]. Five month ago I made the Instagram picture of Floor´s Schleich animals. And the wallpaper animals by Inke I like for some years now.
This weekend while reading VK magazine I saw this picture of the Sending Animals by Seletti piled up as the animals in the famous book The Bremen Town Musicians and suddenly all the other pictures popped up in my head.
Piled inspiration!

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