zondag 22 september 2013

no blessings...

Last weeks I published no blessings-post on my blog. Not because there are no blessings, but just because my head is sometimes too full to make pictures of it (in my head) everyday. But looking back there are certainly blessings to share:
* like loving my job, nowadays with a fully booked schedule but with so many positive things, like the people I work with and a dare-to-ask session at a network meeting with everybody helping each other, sharing their experience and contacts
* the kids: experiencing the open-mindedness of my children and them getting along so well together, but also basically gathering together a new winter collection for them, because oops they are growing so fast, wishing time didn't fly as it does....
* the lovely reaction by Anna-Rosa from My Lifebox winning the give-away on my blog; and
* enjoying the inspiration in MilK Decoration no.5 and Milk Magazine no.41, the 10th anniversary edition; loving the person who bought them for me in la douce France.

Pictures taken with room for thought, a lovely iPhone and android app reminding to take a picture everyday!

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woensdag 18 september 2013

bloglove: my lifebox

Today I announced the winner of the give-away on my blog published recently. In this blogpost I want to thank the ones who reacted on the give away and the ones who made it possible: DaWanda and Cotton&Stone!

The winner of the black Owl tea towel is Anna-Rosa from Greece, blogger on My Lifebox. Anna-Rosa is a student of architecture, believing in less is more, blogging about design, DIY, recipes and a tiny bit of herself. Recipes like a traditional Greek fish soup!
Discovering I was already following her on twitter, but not on pinterest, instagrambloglovin or facebook, but I do now! Inspiring you to do this too!

zaterdag 14 september 2013

sweet whites | pinspiration

Sweet white pins on a greyish rainy day:

PS. two days left to win the great black tea towel Owl by Red Carp on my blog!

donderdag 5 september 2013

shop inspiration: Red Carp on DaWanda


Recently I discovered DaWanda, an online designmarket for unique handmade products. DaWanda is founded in Berlin, but also has a portal for Dutch designers selling original products made with love. 

Like Red Carpet, a label by Cotton&Stone producing organic cotton tea towels with an eco friendly print. Fairtrade and beautiful!
So I'm happy to pronounce my first give-away powered by Da Wanda and Cotton&Stone
I fell in love with it the moment I opened the package and it can be yours!

Just let me know if you would love to win this give-away by leaving a comment on my blog.
It would be nice if you like DaWanda on facebook or follow them on twitter or pinterest. They also have a blog keeping you posted of DIY-items or all DaWanda events!
Cotton&Stone is also on facebook, twitter and pinterest.
But don't feel obliged.

I will pronounce the winner on the 16th of september, so you're welcome to join in until the 15th of september.  

PS. Da Wanda also represents the favourite products of bloggers sold by different shops on DaWanda. Nice to get so much inspiration for my I-wish-list by blog colleagues!

Happy to let you know the black Owl tea towel goes to Anna-Rosa! I hope you'll enjoy it. It will be on it's way to Greece soon!
Thnx to everybody who joined my first give-away!

woensdag 4 september 2013

kids room: storage styling

We have a crush on LEGO. 
Floor really likes his LEGO train a lot, Pip started collecting LEGO friendz for girls and I immediately fell for the great storage products designed by Room Copenhagen, like the LEGO storage brick
So great to actually have one in Floor's room now.

You can buy this great storage brick at Fonq, an online store also selling interior products. 
Fonq sells the LEGO storage brick in different sizes and colors and you can actually build with them like real LEGO stones.
We chose the black one for Floor's room to store his railroad tracks and are dreaming about a white or pink one in Pip's room.

I also decided to store Floor's Schleich animals in a creative way, inspired by a picture on Pinterest. We bought shelves at IKEA and I even managed to hang them myself. 
So nice to see his collection exposed this way. 

And after painting a wall army green it really felt like a real kidsroom make-over.

zondag 1 september 2013

follow (my) blessings

Met Melk&Suiker on Pinterest
Met Melk&Suiker on Instagram

Last week I had a lot of following blessings:
* on Pinterest I reached 9000 followers. Pinterest gives so much inspiration and it feels great to inspire so many other Pinterest-lovers
* I love keeping up a diary of my life in pics on Instagram and sharing this with 500 followers is so nice: thnx for following :)
* planning to change the follow buttons on my blog so you can link directly from the small buttons beside each other, but I don't know how. If you do, please let me know as a comment on my blog or by mail: metmelkensuiker@gmail.com
* following 4 kids at De Spelerij last wednesday while they were running around enjoying this great place to be for kids
and last not least:
* I followed my heart these three weeks off, experiencing I can rely on that far better than I ever did. A great blessing!

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App-inspiration for editing your pictures: a beautiful mess!

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