woensdag 4 september 2013

kids room: storage styling

We have a crush on LEGO. 
Floor really likes his LEGO train a lot, Pip started collecting LEGO friendz for girls and I immediately fell for the great storage products designed by Room Copenhagen, like the LEGO storage brick
So great to actually have one in Floor's room now.

You can buy this great storage brick at Fonq, an online store also selling interior products. 
Fonq sells the LEGO storage brick in different sizes and colors and you can actually build with them like real LEGO stones.
We chose the black one for Floor's room to store his railroad tracks and are dreaming about a white or pink one in Pip's room.

I also decided to store Floor's Schleich animals in a creative way, inspired by a picture on Pinterest. We bought shelves at IKEA and I even managed to hang them myself. 
So nice to see his collection exposed this way. 

And after painting a wall army green it really felt like a real kidsroom make-over.

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  1. Wat maak jij toch geweldige foto's. Zo'n goed sfeertje. Enne, hier nog twee Lego-fans ;-)


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