maandag 26 augustus 2013

blessings with a capital B

colorful | pins source: Nomuramaya
jeans pins source: April&May

discodip & confetti | pins source: Studio Sjoesjoe

A blessing post on monday instead of on sunday. Because of having some weeks off, the days of the week seem to get a little bit messed up which feels like a blessing itself.
Just like:
* spending so much time with the kids, sometimes while catching up with my BFF or with a lovely friend at the edge of a swimming pool while enjoying the sun
* visiting the musical Sister Act with our eldest, not only watching a beautiful and funny musical but also his facial expression of admiration and impressions
* receiving nice requests for sponsoring, collaboration and give-aways on my blog: to be continued in the next weeks!
* and last but not least enjoying so much love with a capital L!

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Pictures: from my latest new boards on Pinterest: colorful | pins, jeans | pins and discodip & confetti | pins

vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

friday pin love | pinspiration

Pins in black and white and beautiful quotes on my Pinterest-boards.
Love the pinsipration I get from scrolling on Pinterest or pinning new pins wandering around in the webworld.
This week (12-18 August) the first PIN gallery is taking place in Amsterdam with a selection of great pictures collected by eight Dutch pinners, initiated by Studio Sjoesjoe and 101woonideeen. Unfortunately I can't be there this week, but I hope this pop-up exhibition will be continued in the near future!

* photography art by Paul Caponigro on Redwood gallery
* wall on life on sundays
* wonder by Tyler Knott
* horse on fine art america

zondag 11 augustus 2013

lovely blessings

My lovely blessings this week:
*having my kids back home again and three weeks ahead to spent together with even one extra day off this friday :)
*spending our friday afternoon at Het Koelhuis; a cool and relaxed place to eat, drink and spent time with people you love; a place worth a seperate blogpost
*having spontaneous sleepovers
*painting Pip's pink bedroom wall silver; looking forward to styling her room tomorrow; and
*realizing health is not self-evident, but really worth a lot like experiencing real love!

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finca love

I have a crush on this Spanish finca: the concrete floor, the basic white and grey walls and styling. 
With some accessories I used to sell in my webshop like the horse swing, the tire basket and the crochet stool cover. Realizing I miss my creative job sometimes....
The Finca Pura Vida is a B&B in Benissa run by a dutch family. Such a great place to spent your holidays!

Pictures by Marjon Hoogervorst, styling by Anouk B for 101woonideeen (issue august 2012)

zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

coffee lover | pinspiration

Today I discovered the Coffeebar Inspiration board by Kim van Tol on Pinterest.
With pictures of great coffeebars all over the world, like Lola Bikes&Coffee in The Haque, Superette Cafe in Cape Town and Tacombi in Manhattan. 

Inpiration for coffee addicted travel freaks!

zondag 4 augustus 2013

counting down my to-do blessings

This week I worked fulltime, like next week, trying to finish my long to-do-list at work before having three weeks off.
My to-do list at home is even longer, but is shrinking day-by-day.
But don't you worry, I also tried to relax once in a while, cherishing the lovely weather, sleeping in the hammock and enjoying the fact that my head is getting emptier by every to-do thing I line through!

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(pop-up) shop design

pop-up store Berlin
pop-up store Berlin
Voo Store Berlin
K-MB showroom Berlin
K-MB showroom Berlin

Such a creative and minimalistic design for a pop-up store. Inspired by shipping boxes and designed for a pop-up shop for Zalando in Berlin. The units can be moved and positioned everywhere in the shop but also re-used.
Love the concept!

Designed by Sigurd Larsen, a Danish architect living in Berlin and developing such great projects and furniture!

source: frameweb for even more inspiration!

zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

crush on pink neon

I've always had a crush on pink in my interior. Not to much, but just a small touch.
So I adore this great styling in the dutch interior magazine VTwonen by Frans Uyterlinde with pictures by Jansje Klazinga
Having plans to repaint the pink wall on Pip's room with silver-metallic paint, I think I'm going to add some neon pink details :)
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