zondag 16 maart 2014

IXXI love


IXXI design is a great concept to change your wall and interior in an instant. On the IXXI-site you can pick and choose from their continiously changing image bank and special collection or design your own IXXI by using your own picture(s). Making a collage, an enlargement or a pixel-ixxi consisting of square cards connected by x's and i's.

I really enjoyed designing my personal IXXI eye-catcher. Using a picture of a painting bought in Beiing and Pip's wooden china girl. It has a special place in our living room, but it will be on Pip's room in the future. Thnx to the easy way to just move it to another wall without leaving behind ugly wholes.

If you want to IXXI your wall visit their site or the IXXI-your-world blog for inspiration!

zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Lucy in the Sky

Everyday while travelling to work I pass the Havenkwartier in Deventer. An industrial harbour area which is being rebuilt into a urban district for living, working and culture.
Recently they built the first of four different mini-hotels alongside the harbour, the Lucy Cube. The Lucy Cube is an artwork consisting of a white cube placed on top of an old black sand hopper and with a great white interior.
I could see this great design from my office but never drove by to actually see it. But yesterday I did!
It is really beautiful and it must be a great experience to sleep in there after having dinner at Dok H2O.
It makes me very curious what the other three designs of this Lucy in the Sky-project will look like!
Knowing I will visit this area and its wonderfull streetart more often.

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