zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Lucy in the Sky

Everyday while travelling to work I pass the Havenkwartier in Deventer. An industrial harbour area which is being rebuilt into a urban district for living, working and culture.
Recently they built the first of four different mini-hotels alongside the harbour, the Lucy Cube. The Lucy Cube is an artwork consisting of a white cube placed on top of an old black sand hopper and with a great white interior.
I could see this great design from my office but never drove by to actually see it. But yesterday I did!
It is really beautiful and it must be a great experience to sleep in there after having dinner at Dok H2O.
It makes me very curious what the other three designs of this Lucy in the Sky-project will look like!
Knowing I will visit this area and its wonderfull streetart more often.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Had je foto's voorbij zien komen op Instagram. Leuk om nu het verhaal erachter te lezen. Ziet er heel gaaf uit!!!


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