maandag 31 december 2012

wishing you

almost the start of a new year
hoping or actually knowing 2013 is going to be better
spending more time creating
loving my loved ones
finishing my study
cherishing my blessings
enjoying life!

wishing you all a wonderfull 2013

zaterdag 15 december 2012

summer in december

Pictures of our bedroom
White, black, grey, silver and a little bit of wood
And a summer T-shirt in december

woensdag 12 december 2012

preparing for a new year

Preparing for XMAS and NYE
Counting last years blessings, love, friendship and happiness
A new year to come like an unwritten page
Thinking about changing habits and lovely new resolutions
Restyling, redecorating and rearranging
Taking new steps while retaining what is right
Creating new happy memories

zondag 9 december 2012

december blessings

instagram Met Melk&Suiker

This week I enjoyed:
* celebrating 'pakjesavond' with the kids, hoping Pip & Floor still believe in Saint Nicholas next year
* the first snow this pre-winter season
* the last seminar of my study career coaching; on to the final interview in february to completely finish my study
* sharing a lovely sunday afternoon with friends; and
* making a start to give our house a XMAS makeover; unfortunately running out of masking tape while creating a XMAS tree on the wall :)

I hope you had a great week too and wishing you lots of blessed moments next week!

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woensdag 5 december 2012

bloginspiratie: liebster blogaward

via Interieurstylist
via Interieurstylist
via Hallo September
via Hallo September

Last month I was lucky to receive two! Liebster blogawards. 
One given by Mirjam from Hallo September and the other by Karin from Interieurstylist

I decided to not pass it through to other bloggers. Not because I don't know nice blogs who deserve it. But because many of those blogs already received this award once or even more than once. 
Still I wanted to thank and mention the lovely blogcolleagues who gave me one, because their blogs are really worth following!
And since I like to share something of myself on my blog I also decided to answer the questions they asked me:

What’s your favourite moment of the day?
I have more than one favourite moment of the day. But when I have to make a choice it's the evening being at home, spending time with the kids, having time to blog or just do nothing in particular. I would love to have more hours in one day :)

As a child what did you want to become ‘when I’m old’? (And did you?) 
I wanted to become a stewardess and I almost did after finishing my psychology study and working a few years in a recruitment job. But when I got hired by KLM, I changed plans. With mixed feelings: feeling sorry for having missed all that inspiration while travelling, but also happy for having continued my HR career.

What’s your favourite magazine? 
I am an addict when it comes to interior magazines, with VTwonen being my favourite! But also inspired by MILK magazine and La Petite Mag

Do you eat Chines food with chopsticks?
We don't eat Chinese food a lot, but love Italian food!

Tell about a family tradition.
Almost every sunday we have breakfast together called 'ontbijtje-met-een-eitje'. So nice to start this day-off together after a busy schedule during weekdays.

Do you mind losing a (board) game? 
We don't play games a lot, but I don't like to lose, unless I play games with my children :)

Red or white wine?
Definitely white.

Name your favourite city
Amsterdam, because it feels so relaxed to be there. Love shopping in 'de 9 straatjes' and to wander around in the Jordaan. But I would love to show Paris to the kids soon, or go to Berlin or New York with my husband. In the mood for much more citytrips in the future!

If you could choose another first name which one would it be? 
Evelyn. It's my second name and I've always loved it.

What's the first blog you read after starting up your computer? 
While using the bloglist on my own blog to follow others, it is usually the most recent blogpost posted by any of these great blogs.

Why did you start blogging?
At the time I started my blog I still had my webshop KEET&koter, selling interior and kids accessories. While searching for styling ideas and new products, I just felt the urge to share the pictures that inspired me.

What is your favourite season of the year?
Being born in june I love the summer, enjoying the sun and oh my those long days....

Vinyl or CD?
I listen to music on my iPod :)

What inspires you?
Pinterest, Instagram, my favourite blogs, magazines, my kids and daily life!

What's your favourite music?
I have an eclectic musical taste. Recently I downloaded some up-tempo music to start running again.

What do you think is beautiful about yourself?
I'm happy to have a positive view on life. Knowing this will help me in good and bad times

What's your favourite thing to do?
Enjoying the little blessings of everyday life spent with the ones I love and trust.

Your way to spent me-time?
At home: styling, reading magazines, blogging, pinning, making pictures, actually getting inspired en sharing inspiration.

Thnx Mirjam and Karin for all these lovely questions!

100% loft love

100% love for this marvellous loft house designed by Marc Koehler Architects and situated in an old harbor catina on KNSM island Amsterdam
Source: afflante

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