woensdag 25 juni 2014

long time no see | pinspiration

golden star garland: storybookhearts
balloons: Studio DIY
yellow dress: Boden

It has almost been two month since I have posted my last blogpost. I didn't have any intention to have a blogbreak, but it just happened. No special reason or perhaps because we decided to sell our house and I spent a lot of time cleaning and getting rid of things we didn't use for years. Visiting the thrift shop to deliver stuff instead of buying things. Besides my job and running the family :))
Still some painting on my to-do list, but after that we are ready. Not just for selling the house, but also for a new future step ahead which feels so lovely!

Apparently I just needed some time off, but I have missed blogging. Starting today with some happy, sunny pictures I shared on Pinterest. Expressing my mood, feelings and the lots of blessings I count.

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