dinsdag 31 juli 2012

moodboard on the wall | pinspiratie

Pins of small and big and most of all changing moodboards on your wall:
* cloud on One Happy Mess
* magazine storage on Riazzoli
* styling board by Gitte Kjaer on Yellows Photography

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maandag 30 juli 2012


Last weekend I received a colorful printable poster as give away from Studio Blomm. S*B is a webshop not only selling this lovely printable poster (for sale this week!), but also beautiful felt blankets, wooden cutting boards and magnets made of buttons designed by Goed in Stijl. You should really take a look yourself! 

zondag 29 juli 2012

lovely blessings

This week we enjoyed the sun:
* celebrating Pippi's 7th birtday at the beach in Zandvoort on monday
* walking along the canals in Amsterdam on flip flops on tuesday; and 
* spending most of the other days swimming, sunbathing and having diner in our garden
It was a lovely week to spend our holiday and have so much quality time with our kids!

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vrijdag 27 juli 2012

bloginspiratie: design & splendours

+ black, white & grey
+ concrete & wood
+ a little bit splendid color
+ real bloglove

shoppinglist XXX

Interior shopping in Amsterdam to me means visiting distinctive stores that don't exist in my own homepart of the country. So on my shoppinglist were: Sukha Amsterdam, OPTIONS! and Hutspot.
I went to Options and Sukha, accidentally bumping into Frozen Fountain on my way to Sukha. 
And as I expected I fell in love with these original shops, selling so many beautiful interior and lifestyle products. 

At Sukha Amsterdam (1,2,3) I bought 'The World of Sukha' containing a collection of the great poetry made by Jaap Langenberg. It was put in a paper bag with the great dutch poem:

Wat je ook met je meeneemt
Je hoeft het maar te vragen
Laat het lekker los
Ik zal het voor je dragen

OPTIONS! (4) is a great department store selling design specials and dutch handcraft situated at the Damrak underneath the Exchange hotel, with rooms dressed like models. 

Frozen Fountain (5,6) is a store located at the Prinsengracht. In their shop window I saw the white Mal 1956 by Bob Copray and Niels Wildenberg and the shadylace parasol by Droog pulling me inside. 

Unfortunately I didn't have time to visit Hutspot because of the great weather and therefore the opportunity to spent a day at the beach. So there is a nice excuse to go back to Amsterdam soon!

woensdag 25 juli 2012


Staying at the Singel in Amsterdam for some days I had made a list of interior design shops I wanted to attend.
While shopping some cute dresses for Pip's birthday last monday at Exota, we walked home to the apartment. Then all of a sudden I discovered a great lifestyle shop at the corner Herengracht - Raadhuisstraat called FAIR+FAIR
FAIR+FAIR stands for FAIR shopping for a FAIR home with really wonderful, mostly handmade, accessories from all over the world. 
It wasn't on my shoplist, but I can only advice you to put it on yours :)

prinsengracht 263

Last week, while we spend a couple of days in Amsterdam, I visited the Anne Frank House with our eldest son Sam. It made a lot of impression to actually see the house of which he had heard during history lessons for real. So small and dark, realising she lived here for more than 2 years and knowing she moved to this hiding place when she was 13, just like he is now.
For me it felt special to share this visit with him. Counting our blessings for so much freedom.

zondag 22 juli 2012

counting my blessings

So many holiday blessings this week, like:
* Sam celebrating his 13th birthday with family and friends
* Pip & Floor having a great day at Plopsa invited by friends; and
* spending a few days in Amsterdam: exploring some great stores like Options & FAIR+FAIR; shopping my favorite pink neon bag at H&M, eating lots of ice cream :) & visiting the Anne Frank house together with Sam, which was so impressive!

Wishing you a nice week! For me it will definitely be one with lots of inspiration for some new blogposts!

Volg de wekelijkse count your blessings van alle deelnemers vermeld op het blog van initiatiefneemster Anki

stool love

I love stools and used to sell a lot of them in my own webstore. They are multifunctional in every room as a small table, nightstand or additional seat when needed.

* crochet stool by Heins Home Design
* creature collective by Supafrank
* stool cool via pinterest
* d'albe by Staffan Holme

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

H&M kids home collection

The new H&M kids home collection is available! The tough collection for boys inspired by the wild forest life is my favorite. The white cover with the little wolf is already in my shopping bag!   
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