maandag 29 april 2013

have a happy orange day!

pic: Simpel&Leuk webshop
pic: Stylecookie for Flair

Every year we celebrate Queensday on the 30th of April. But this year is a special one, because from now on we will have a King and a Queen in Holland and next year we will celebrate Kingsday on the 27th of April. Organizing games, selling and buying secondhand stuff and having a party together.
Last year we stayed in Amsterdam together, visiting the Vondelpark with the kids. This year I will stay in our hometown with the kids, remembering the wonderful day in Amsterdam together last year.

Enjoy a happy orange Queensday tomorrow!

zondag 28 april 2013


Whatever happens or however I feel, every day there are so many blessings to count, like:
- Floor finishing his swimming course this saturday: so proud!
- the kids enjoying their 1th 'Koningspelen'
- working home a lot finishing my to-do-list, preparing for some days off in the two coming weeks
- receiving the invitation for the official opening of Femkeido interior shop, thnx Femke!. Visit her shop online or irl in Delft
- new details on our bedroom wall
- nice homemade give-away presents on Matz birthday party
- lots of sleepovers for the kids at the beginning of their vacation; and
- lots of love from marvellous friends!

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Pictures made on instagram; welcome to follow me here!

dip dye diy

pic 1&2: scoutiegirl
pic: vtwonen shop
pic: vtwonen shop
pic: vtwonen shop

Reading the new online vtwonen magaloque I really fell for the new dip&dye products. Like beddings, cushions and a serving tray in four beautiful colors: coral, orange, blue and grey.
To take a look at this new vtwonen collection visit the vtwonen-webshop or click and buy in the online magaloque.
For all avid DIY followers you can find a step by step instruction for natural fabric dyes on Scoutiegirl.


woensdag 24 april 2013

kids room: rafa-kids

pics via saracamre
pic: rafa-kids
I found this great colorful room on RaFa-kids blog. Love the white base, colorful details and the design encouraging children to play. 
RaFa-kids blog is a great lifestyle blog by RaFa-kids, designing original beds and beddings for toddlers, kids and teens.

zondag 21 april 2013

sunday blessings

pic: Casper Niesink
It was a lovely sunny weekend watching Floor's football match on saturday morning, a sleepover at our house for Pip and her friend Nora, enjoying a lazy sunday with the first BBQ this year, together with friends and our kids. eating melted marshmallows for dessert.
Wishing for many more sunny weekends this spring and summer.

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zaterdag 20 april 2013

kids room: room to bloom

Floor's room
Anya's room

Alfie's room

Yesterday Ursula posted Floor's room on her interior blog ROOM TO BLOOM in the category MY ROOM.
Ursula is a Dutch interior designer living in London. She specializes in children's room design. She started her blog to share the inspiration behind her work and some of the beautiful things she finds on her way.
In the category MY ROOM she shares original nurseries of kids all over the world. With a background story about the room, the little lodger and their family.
Take a look at her site and blog while designing and styling your own kids room!

zondag 14 april 2013

shop & styling blessings

pig closet at van mij
licht-huis van mij
chalkboard humanoid shop
knitted blanket at Meijer&Floor
moustache&masking tape at Flying Tiger

Sharing my weekend blessings:
* friday I rearranged the furniture in our living room. I've always had the desire to have an adult home and a grown-up closet. So a few years ago we bought a real house and a PAX-IKEA with a storage for shoes, socks and all other neccessities in an adult closet. But I nevertheless keep the urge to change our interior in an unconventional way. So I moved our bench to the kitchen-part and our table in front of our television :). But, I'm actually happy with it.
* saturday I went shopping in Arnhem, visiting Sissy Boy Homeland, van mij, Meijer & Floor, Humanoid, having a great lunch at Zilli and ending our shopping day enjoying the sun at Dudok.
* sundaymorning I did my running routine, cleaned our house and in the afternoon we enjoyed Charlottes sixt anniversery and the lovely weather!

Enjoy a new spring week!

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woensdag 10 april 2013


Today I saw on Instagram beautiful pictures by 101woonideeen of Nest Kids Concept Store
I immediately felt the urge to go there, so I promised myself to visit this great store very soon! 
To see all those great products together in a beautiful environment and to inhale that gorgeous inspiration for real.

Feel welcome to visit or join me on instagram

zondag 7 april 2013

instagram blessings in black & white

My first count your blessings-post after my blog break. Happy to share some black&white instagram pictures about:
* painting a black mustache on the wall above my working space
* preparing the kitchen door to be painted with ckalkboard paint to share our shopping list, to do list, weekly drawings and inspiring quotes; and 
* enjoying the sun in april including eating icecream; finally spring!

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