zondag 14 april 2013

shop & styling blessings

pig closet at van mij
licht-huis van mij
chalkboard humanoid shop
knitted blanket at Meijer&Floor
moustache&masking tape at Flying Tiger

Sharing my weekend blessings:
* friday I rearranged the furniture in our living room. I've always had the desire to have an adult home and a grown-up closet. So a few years ago we bought a real house and a PAX-IKEA with a storage for shoes, socks and all other neccessities in an adult closet. But I nevertheless keep the urge to change our interior in an unconventional way. So I moved our bench to the kitchen-part and our table in front of our television :). But, I'm actually happy with it.
* saturday I went shopping in Arnhem, visiting Sissy Boy Homeland, van mij, Meijer & Floor, Humanoid, having a great lunch at Zilli and ending our shopping day enjoying the sun at Dudok.
* sundaymorning I did my running routine, cleaned our house and in the afternoon we enjoyed Charlottes sixt anniversery and the lovely weather!

Enjoy a new spring week!

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  1. Hey, je was bij mij in de winkel @meijer en floor, daar werk ik. Jammer dat ik dat niet wist, anders had ik even met je gekletst.

    Fijne week..


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