zondag 22 september 2013

no blessings...

Last weeks I published no blessings-post on my blog. Not because there are no blessings, but just because my head is sometimes too full to make pictures of it (in my head) everyday. But looking back there are certainly blessings to share:
* like loving my job, nowadays with a fully booked schedule but with so many positive things, like the people I work with and a dare-to-ask session at a network meeting with everybody helping each other, sharing their experience and contacts
* the kids: experiencing the open-mindedness of my children and them getting along so well together, but also basically gathering together a new winter collection for them, because oops they are growing so fast, wishing time didn't fly as it does....
* the lovely reaction by Anna-Rosa from My Lifebox winning the give-away on my blog; and
* enjoying the inspiration in MilK Decoration no.5 and Milk Magazine no.41, the 10th anniversary edition; loving the person who bought them for me in la douce France.

Pictures taken with room for thought, a lovely iPhone and android app reminding to take a picture everyday!

Follow the weekly count your blessings-posts of all participants mentioned on Anki's blog Zilverblauw

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind het altijd fijn en inspirerend om jouw 'blessing' posts te lezen!

    Fijne week!

    Groetjes Lisanne

  2. mooie blessings weer Carla.... heerlijk om te genieten van alle kleine maar bijzondere alledaagse dingen! Fijne week :-)

  3. Het zijn de kleine dingen die het doen......

    Groetjes Kirsten


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