zondag 27 oktober 2013

Dutch Design blessings #3

Our second day at the Dutch Design Week we spent our time at the Inner City area of Eindhoven. Starting with breakfast at CoffeeYou before visiting the Design Academy Graduation Show called Self Unself in the 'Witte Dame'.

I really loved the Graduation Show, being exposed in this great industrial, former Philips building with huge windows creating so much incidence of sunlight. Admiring so many inspiration in one place shared by students from the Design Academy. And suprised by so many projects having a relationship with communication, healt care and psychology. Like No Milk by Debbie Hovens, A Series of MnemonicsRevealing Maps of Cancer by Renee Scheepers, The Rejection by Marieke Vonk or Settings of Connection by Sanne Ree Barthels.

The Van Abbe museum has an expo with the theme Self Unself as well, being part of the dialoque with the Design Academy. The last three pictures give a small impression, but unfortunately the battery of my camera was empty after visiting the Graduation Show. Happy for having my iPhone as a back-up, but unfortunately not all the pictures taken inside the Van Abbe were sharp enough. So perhaps you should go see the exhibition yourself which is still possible until the 17th of November!

Ending our Inner City trip at the Dutch Design Week at Crowdy House. A new crowdfunding platform for designers launched this week with beautiful concepts to be produced when supported by enough people.

Feeling so blessed for two days of inspiration, meetings with lovely people and leaving with so many impressions and pictures in my head. And for sharing blogpost #300 with you!

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  1. Ik heb twee jaar geleden precies zo'n foto gemaakt van die planken met 'heden' erop in het Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen! Grappig om die nu weer tegen te komen :)


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