zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Dutch Design Week #2

While travelling from Strijp R to the 'Klokgebouw' on Strijp S on our first day visiting the DDW we passed the 'Torenallee'. An industrial area with lots of workspaces for designers, interior shops like Yksi Expo and the Ontdekfabriek, where kids can build their own design from left-over materials (also open every week of the year on wednesday and sunday!).

We visited the Dutch Design Awards exposed at the Gerard building and the exhibition of 'Hier is Utrecht', while falling in love with the soft cabinets made from foam rubber by Dewi van der Klomp. 'Hier is Utrecht' is a designers collective from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten having there design projects exposed at the cool Skate Park AREAFIFTYONE during the Dutch Design Week.

Area51 is located at the 'Ketelhuisplein', a rough area with beautiful graffiti-walls, also containing an original Lois shop and great restaurants like Radio Royaal where we had dinner.
Radio Royaal is situated in a former Philips energy factory. Such an impressive building and such a great interior with lots of styling details. Feeling sorry I couldn't make pictures of it because of the evening light. Which is a nice excuse to come back soon :)

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