zondag 30 september 2012

my fleeting moments of happiness

VTwonen huis #woonbeurs via lekker friss

Being very busy with my study and having a lot on my mind these days, I didn't have enough time and space to blog as much as I want. 
But I followed all my favorite blogs and twitter to see all the inspiring pictures made at the Woonbeurs and read the enthousiastic stories of all the bloggers staying in the bloggerhomes this week. 
While being in Utrecht on friday I managed to visit the ARM-thriftshops. So my pile of vintage blankets for my makeover-project is growing steadily. 
And I am so happy with my new crochet iPhone-cover I received as a gift.
Realising there are always fleeting moments of happiness!

Follow the weekly count your blessings-posts of all participants mentioned on Anki's blog Zilverblauw

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik volg jouw blog en ik volg je op twitter, tijd om maar eens wat te zeggen! Mooi plekje heb je hier gemaakt. Ik zal eens wat vaker een comment achterlaten ;)

  2. Ik ben ook fan van de dekens. Liefs voor jou! xx

  3. Thanks for following my blog! I love yours <3 I love the name of it too. I 'm a total milk junkie* I 'm a half dutch so I get some of the things written in dutch round here :) Not much though. Unfortunately I don't practise at all. Anyway! Wonderful work! Thanks for following again *

  4. Mooie deken verzameling, lieve kleurtjes!
    Fijne week, liefs..

  5. O, wat fijn dit. Ziet er geweldig uit.


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