zondag 9 februari 2014

enjoying blessings

The last two months of 2013 I didn't feel sincerely happy, because of reliving the last months of 2012. 
And although X-Mas was good to me, even as the start of 2014 together with my loved ones, the uncomfortable feeling came back again. Not being able to value all my blessings and posting my last-blessings-post on January 6 and actually posting less blogposts at all...
Things haven't changed the last weeks, mostly because I didn't take control and realizing today counting my blessings isn't the result of being happy, but the beginning, even as the need to take control!
So here they are, my february-blessings:
* enjoying Floor's football match and Sam's performance at his school on the first day of this month;
* baking cakes for Cas' birthday, celebrated on a sunny sunday with all my kids;
* a great week at the office being able to be there for my kids when necessary #balance;
* experiencing some valuable me-time on wednesday; and
* the spontaneous action to go to the movies with the kids on this cold sunday.

Enjoying to share my weekly blessings today, and looking forward to next sunday #resolution :)

Follow the weekly count your blessings posts of all participants mentioned on Anki's blog Zilverblauw.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. fijne blessings....mooie momenten met je gezin en voor je zelf! ik stuur je een hele dikke knuffel!

  2. Laat het maar snel voorjaar worden dan ga je je wellicht weer wat beter voelen?! althans dat hoop ik voor je. Ik wens je veel goeds Carla. En probeer te genieten van hetgeen om je heen.
    Liefs, Stephanie


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