zondag 3 november 2013

crushed blessings

A busy week, feeling a little bit crushed between loving my job and enjoying to be home with the kids, but also with nice blessings like:
* rearranging and restyling the bedrooms: Pip and Floor sleeping together from now on. Just hoping they don't make it too cosy every evening :)
* feeling gifted the kids enjoy their sports activities so much: Floor playing football and making a goal last saturday with his left leg!, Pip loving horse riding and Sam enjoying his singing lessons and practising for the stage performance 'Mathilda' (with three performances at the end of this month at the Hanzehof!)
* celebrating the birthday-party of Roos, the daughter of very lovely friends, this sunday
* winning a 'Plak 't' sticker designed by Lidewijs on facebook for our LOVE WALL. Happy and sharing a picture of it soon!
* a very nice, new cooperation on my blog, sharing a guestblog in january or february next year!

Have a nice week!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Soms zijn kleine gewone dingen het beste om van te genieten. En dat gevoel thuis-werk is zo herkenbaar.
    Bedankt voor het delen op FB van mijn nieuwe site. Lief van je.

  2. Geniet! En ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat ;-)


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