vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

friday pin love | pinspiration

Pins in black and white and beautiful quotes on my Pinterest-boards.
Love the pinsipration I get from scrolling on Pinterest or pinning new pins wandering around in the webworld.
This week (12-18 August) the first PIN gallery is taking place in Amsterdam with a selection of great pictures collected by eight Dutch pinners, initiated by Studio Sjoesjoe and 101woonideeen. Unfortunately I can't be there this week, but I hope this pop-up exhibition will be continued in the near future!

* photography art by Paul Caponigro on Redwood gallery
* wall on life on sundays
* wonder by Tyler Knott
* horse on fine art america

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mijn collega Esther wees mij op je prachtige blog. Je hebt er een volger bij.


  2. Lief! Volg jouw leuke blog graag terug. En verzoek voor instagram verstuurd!


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