zondag 25 januari 2015

rock that wall

This weekend, just like the last two was all about painting. In order to prepare the children's rooms for our removal in february.
Creating an extra room, a white base for Sam's room and some colorful walls for the other kids besides some white ones. Like bright yellow and silver for the girls and green for Floor who asked for a football field on his wall.
After painting a square on his wall with magnetic paint his wall became "football field-green".
Today I designed the actual field with MT-masking tape. It's not finished yet, because we have to think about the curved lines on the field. But according to Floor it is already "cool".

I wished I had made pictures with my Nikon instead of my iPhone, because of the quality of the pictures. But I just wanted to share it anyway :)

maandag 19 januari 2015


Last summer I discovered Ávivre, a great French interior design magazine, in a local bookstore in France. I fell for the cover with a picture of this inspiring house designed by NU architectuuratelier in Ghent, Belgium.
Or actually a picture of their beautiful house, studio and guest room built within the walls of an industrial building. With much design, recycling, containers, carpets and a wonderful open space, which is both a park, play and work area. A great place to live.
More pictures (also of the interior of this great home) and more information on ArchDaily.

maandag 5 januari 2015

HAPPY new year tradition

Just like last year we started this year with a citytrip. Not the two of us in a foreign city this time, but with the kids in Rotterdam. Enjoying a sunny day on friday at the Maasvlakte, visiting and having lunch at Futureland and visiting the great beach at Maasvlakte 2. Saturday it was a more cloudy and rainy day, but still a lovely one. I loved the Fenix Food Factory on Katendrecht, traveling with the watertaxi to the Leuve harbour, exploring the new Markthal in the city center and visiting the Cube House on the Overblaak.
Feels like a nice new tradition to start a new year with a citytrip :)

Wishing you lots of love and fun in 2015!

dinsdag 25 november 2014

EINDHOVEN in Utrecht

Last saturday I went to the bloggerslunch at EINDHOVEN in Utrecht. A great concept store and platform for new designers. For talent from the Dutch Design Academy, the KHU in Utrecht or actually for every other (inter)national emerging designer living in Holland.
It was a nice meeting with the EINDHOVEN team, like the founders and four of their young designers Stephan Siepermann, Danielle van Lunteren, Andrius Sta and Tim van der Weerd. So great to feel the enthousiasm and passion for design in the stories of these creative people. Sharing their inspiration, concepts and products.
Besides selling beautiful products it is a laid-back place in the center of Utrecht to have a tasteful Moyee coffee or a cup of tea while meeting other design lovers.
It was also so nice to meet other bloggers, while visiting the bloggersevent with Nelleke from Langius Design. Afterwards brainstorming about new blog ideas together.
Thnx EINDHOVEN for so much inspiration!

zaterdag 15 november 2014

fail better

Today we went to the information day at ArtEZ in Zwolle. Such a beautiful building, inspiring people and so much useful information for Sam to make his future education choice. In love with the quote in their brochure and on the blue bag he received:

Ever tried
Ever failed
No matter
Try again
Fail again
Fail better

(Samuel Beckett)

A beautiful quote about developing yourself.

zondag 26 oktober 2014


Last week we had such a lovely stay in Sweden: visiting family, exploring Gripsholms Castle with its beautiful tile fireplaces, enjoying the Vasa musem with the kids and falling in love with Stockholm!
And like always buying interior magazines in a local bookshop.
Wishing to go back some day for some interior design shopping :)

zondag 28 september 2014

our house (for sale!)

Since one month our house is for sale. In order to make pictures to publish it on Funda, I changed our interior. So no more black painted moustache on the wall, a more ordinary interior plan for our furniture and actually getting rid of our personal touch. It felt like the first step in saying goodbye to our home.

Today I made some pictures still reflecting our personal touch. For pictures of the house itself you can visit Funda.

Hoping someone will fall in love with our house, the neighbourhood and Zutphen. Like we did nine years ago.

zondag 7 september 2014

counting my blessings on sunday

A lovely week in which:
* the kids went to school again; spending our holiday together was lovely and passed too fast, also enjoying our holiday so much because of letting go the routine of daily life and spending time together;
* last friday the car and tent trailer were brought back home safely, after our car broke down very shortly after we left our campingsite, including the inspiring interior magazines IDEAT, MILK decoration and AVIVRE and the XXL shopper I bought;
* we enjoyed a BBQ with the kids on the indian summer evening this saturday; and
* I bought this RAAF cushion #inlove :)

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