woensdag 27 mei 2015

from where I stand

Niet toevallig een aantal foto's op Instagram met als hashtag #fromwhereIstand. Nadenkend over waar ik sta, waar ik vandaan kom, wat ik met me mee draag, wie me vergezeld en vooral waar ik graag naar toe wil. 
En niet toevallig weer aan het bloggen in het Nederlands, waarin ik beter kan verwoorden wat ik graag wil delen. 
Zoals leuke, lieve dingen in de afgelopen week:
- Floor die kampioen werd met zijn F-team en na de kampioenswedstrijd naar me toe rende, me omhelsde en zei: ik moet bijna huilen; ik had toen al wat tranen weggepinkt (pic 2)
- de Bandnight van Sam bij Het Koelhuis; trots op mijn oudste en wat blijft het toch een mooi ingericht, stoer en basic pand (pic 1)
- veel en lang lopen met de hond, soms met mijn nieuwe Buddhify-app maar ook veel gezellig kletsend met wie me zo lief is (pic 3)
- een lang weekend; waren alle weekenden maar 3 dagen lang :)
- een fijne, bijzondere ontmoeting bij Brood van Joop (such a lovely place) in gesprek over mijn loopbaan, met als cadeautje het spontaan meekrijgen van de MiLK Decoration door de eigenaresse: THNX; en
- mijn aanmelding vandaag voor de opleiding interieurstyling.
Voelt stevig en fijn #fromwhereIstand!

Thinking about where I stand and where I want to go following my dreams. 
And thinking about enjoying a very lovely week in which I was so proud at Floor as a football champion, Sam playing at the bandnight, enjoying 3 days off instead of a regular week-end, exploring my own career and deciding to start an interior stylist course. Feeling happy about where I stand!

woensdag 13 mei 2015

kids room: floor

Afgelopen februari verhuisden we naar ons nieuwe thuis en kreeg Floor voor het eerst echt zijn eigen kamer. Naast het meeverhuizen van enkele favorieten, zoals zijn Schleich-dieren, Wolf-dekbedhoes van H&M, pluche tijgerhoofd van de vrijmarkt in Amsterdam en zijn leger- en lego opbergkisten, kreeg hij ook een voetbalveld-wand en het Franse nummerbord van zijn grote broer Sam op zijn kamer. 
Sinds deze week hangt er ook een grijze IKEA zitzak aan een balk en heb ik hoogglans voetbalveld-groene verf gekocht voor het schilderen van een lief klein retro bureautje op zijn eerste-helemaal-voor-hemzelf-kamer :)

Last february we moved to our new home and I styled Floor's first room. Moving his favorites like his Schleich-animals, Wolf-bedding and lego storage box. And adding a football green wall. Preparing to paint a small desk football green too :)

donderdag 7 mei 2015

freckles | pinspiration

MIX | pins: mostly black and white, about people, animals, love, inspiring pictures and recently some with freckles.
Like Pippi Longstocking and just like our own daughter Pippi.
She has cute freckles too. Worth some pictures soon!

zondag 3 mei 2015

blessings on a rainy day

After some sunny days, luckily even on Kingsday last monday when the kids were selling toys on the thrift market, it started raining cats and dogs when we were on our way to visit the Honigcomplex in Nijmegen this afternoon. It was nevertheless nice to wander around at this industrial complex, visiting skatepark Waalhalla, drinking Blommers coffee at First things first, admiring the building and art at Galerie Bart and finding Wally :)

Just love former industrial surroundings with new creative initiatives. 
Such a nice new place-to-be!

zaterdag 25 april 2015


Some moodboards expressing ideas to redecorate the living room.
Rearranging miniature furniture cut out from paper on a paper plan.
Exploring just the right place for a new bench including it's most perfect size and color.
Matching existing furniture and accessories with new ones on our wishlist.
And dreaming about the perfect workspace to blog!

woensdag 15 april 2015

carpet crush

pic: Rene van der Hulst
Today I was browsing through the last edition of 101 woonideeen, a dutch interior magazine which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, when my attention was captured by a picture of such a colorful carpet
I had an instant crush on this great carpet designed by Petra Janssen from Studio Boot as part of the Dutch Landscapes collection
It really fits the interior styling of their own house I wrote about in an earlier blogpost and its so beautiful! It's definitely on my I-wish list!

dinsdag 7 april 2015

kids room: alejandrina bessoberto

I love her blog, her basic style, this great kids room for her son Leonardo and her instagram feed.
Just so many beautiful basic pictures.

vrijdag 27 maart 2015

food | pinspiration

Still in love with Pinterest and even more since my 'new' iMac. 
This week I created two new boards: batman | pins :) and food | pins
Today sharing some white food | pinspiration:

Enjoy your weekend!

vrijdag 20 maart 2015

'jij bent de liefste'

Today it has been exactly four weeks since we have moved to our new home. So special that a house feels like home from day one when you share it with the people you love.
After moving all the things that were necessary and decorating the kids rooms, we are now making plans for changing our living room.
While making a moodboard on Pinterest for our plans, I fell in love with a pin with the lovely sentence  'jij bent de liefste' [you're the sweetest] made by Nelleke | Langius Design. When she saw my pin shared on Facebook she made one for our new house.
I'm so happy with this cute present!

PS. the black and white cards on the snapshots are bought at ABCD kaarten. I like the lovely freckles.

zondag 25 januari 2015

kids room: rock that wall

This weekend, just like the last two was all about painting. In order to prepare the children's rooms for our removal in february.
Creating an extra room, a white base for Sam's room and some colorful walls for the other kids besides some white ones. Like bright yellow and silver for the girls and green for Floor who asked for a football field on his wall.
After painting a square on his wall with magnetic paint his wall became "football field-green".
Today I designed the actual field with MT-masking tape. It's not finished yet, because we have to think about the curved lines on the field. But according to Floor it is already "cool".

I wished I had made pictures with my Nikon instead of my iPhone, because of the quality of the pictures. But I just wanted to share it anyway :)

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