zondag 28 september 2014

our house (for sale!)

Since one month our house is for sale. In order to make pictures to publish it on Funda, I changed our interior. So no more black painted moustache on the wall, a more ordinary interior plan for our furniture and actually getting rid of our personal touch. It felt like the first step in saying goodbye to our home.

Today I made some pictures still reflecting our personal touch. For pictures of the house itself you can visit Funda.

Hoping someone will fall in love with our house, the neighbourhood and Zutphen. Like we did nine years ago.

zondag 7 september 2014

counting my blessings on sunday

A lovely week in which:
* the kids went to school again; spending our holiday together was lovely and passed too fast, also enjoying our holiday so much because of letting go the routine of daily life and spending time together;
* last friday the car and tent trailer were brought back home safely, after our car broke down very shortly after we left our campingsite, including the inspiring interior magazines IDEAT, MILK decoration and AVIVRE and the XXL shopper I bought;
* we enjoyed a BBQ with the kids on the indian summer evening this saturday; and
* I bought this RAAF cushion #inlove :)

woensdag 3 september 2014

blog breathing

Blogging is sharing my inspiration and beautiful things in life. But sometimes or perhaps even for some months there is less inspiration. Fortunately there are allways beautiful things and people in my life. 

Today I checked and deleted more than 30 blogs from my 'inspiring blogs'-list. Because they posted no blogposts since (more than) one year (or because they recently started their blog on another blogadress in which case I loved to add the new adress :))

But I don't want to quit my blog. Actually it feels so nice, so lovely, so worthwhile, so me and something to breath new life into!

Today I made some pictures of our interior for a magazine. Nice publicity while we are selling our house. But it feels empty after cleaning up and removing all things 'unnecessary' for the online presentation. Feeling the urge to share a styled home for inspiration: a beautiful house in a former garage in Den Bosch inhabited by Studio Boot published in the june edition of VT Wonen
Love this interior, the PHE furniture, the lovely moldavian carpets, the combination of basic and bright colors, the enormous industrial space and the eclectic styling!

maandag 25 augustus 2014

holiday colors

Enjoying our holiday in the south of France. Counting our blessings while time flies. Enjoying the blue see, the blue sky and spending quality time together.
Feeling blue time passes so fast.

zondag 20 juli 2014

painting blessings

Painting blessings :) Keeping the black walls black, but painting the other walls and the ceiling: white it is. 
Saying goodbye to the mustache on the wall, but captured on my instagram account :)

woensdag 16 juli 2014

eclectic crush

Love the ceiling, the windows, the tables, the bench, the carpet, the accessories, the pillows, the prints, the....
Actually love this whole bright, lovely and eclectic styling and interior.
More pictures and rooms on: depto51 blog.

woensdag 25 juni 2014

long time no see

golden star garland: storybookhearts
balloons: Studio DIY
yellow dress: Boden

It has almost been two month since I have posted my last blogpost. I didn't have any intention to have a blogbreak, but it just happened. No special reason or perhaps because we decided to sell our house and I spent a lot of time cleaning and getting rid of things we didn't use for years. Visiting the thrift shop to deliver stuff instead of buying things. Besides my job and running the family :))
Still some painting on my to-do list, but after that we are ready. Not just for selling the house, but also for a new future step ahead which feels so lovely!

Apparently I just needed some time off, but I have missed blogging. Starting today with some happy, sunny pictures I shared on Pinterest. Expressing my mood, feelings and the lots of blessings I count.

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

pear house

I love doll houses and not the sweet ones only appriorate for girls, just like Ruffled Snob of Pirates and Peonies does.
We have a black chalkboard painted wooden Amsterdam Canal House in the living room, a large old doll house also painted black on the outside and white on the inside in Pip and Floor's bedroom and a small cardboard house from Ferm Living with 4 departments, just like the pear house by Rock & Pebbel.
Love this original house, but four doll houses seems a bit exaggerated :)

By the way Rock & Pebble also sells an apple house. And recently I bought such lovely doll house furniture at IKEA like a miniature Klippan bench and Lack cupboard and table.

woensdag 23 april 2014

pinned up

Last sunday we visited the Pinned Up exhibition of Marcel Wanders at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Especially loving his basic designs, realizing I own some of his designs because of his collaborations with Randstad, my former employer, and some because I had a crush on his timeless designs myself.

Go visit his exhibition at the Stedelijk until june 15 yourself!

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