dinsdag 25 november 2014

EINDHOVEN in Utrecht

Last saturday I went to the bloggerslunch at EINDHOVEN in Utrecht. A great concept store and platform for new designers. For talent from the Dutch Design Academy, the KHU in Utrecht or actually for every other (inter)national emerging designer living in Holland.
It was a nice meeting with the EINDHOVEN team, like the founders and four of their young designers Stephan Siepermann, Danielle van Lunteren, Andrius Sta and Tim van der Weerd. So great to feel the enthousiasm and passion for design in the stories of these creative people. Sharing their inspiration, concepts and products.
Besides selling beautiful products it is a laid-back place in the center of Utrecht to have a tasteful Moyee coffee or a cup of tea while meeting other design lovers.
It was also so nice to meet other bloggers, while visiting the bloggersevent with Nelleke from Langius Design. Afterwards brainstorming about new blog ideas together.
Thnx EINDHOVEN for so much inspiration!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hele gave inspiratie ! Echt mooie designs :) x

  2. O, die staat ook hoog op mijn lijstje! Raar eigenlijk dat ik er nog niet geweest ben :-)…


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