woensdag 3 september 2014

blog breathing

Blogging is sharing my inspiration and beautiful things in life. But sometimes or perhaps even for some months there is less inspiration. Fortunately there are allways beautiful things and people in my life. 

Today I checked and deleted more than 30 blogs from my 'inspiring blogs'-list. Because they posted no blogposts since (more than) one year (or because they recently started their blog on another blogadress in which case I loved to add the new adress :))

But I don't want to quit my blog. Actually it feels so nice, so lovely, so worthwhile, so me and something to breath new life into!

Today I made some pictures of our interior for a magazine. Nice publicity while we are selling our house. But it feels empty after cleaning up and removing all things 'unnecessary' for the online presentation. Feeling the urge to share a styled home for inspiration: a beautiful house in a former garage in Den Bosch inhabited by Studio Boot published in the june edition of VT Wonen
Love this interior, the PHE furniture, the lovely moldavian carpets, the combination of basic and bright colors, the enormous industrial space and the eclectic styling!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat fijn dat je er weer bent Carla... en leuk om te weten dat jullie mooie huis binnenkort in een magazine komt! ik wens jullie heel veel succes met de verkoop en nog een hele fijne avond :-)

  2. Deze woning van Studio Boot is geweldig! Succes met de verkoop van jullie huis!

    Gr. Stephanie

  3. Leuk om weer wat van je te lezen..
    Veel succes met de verkoop van jullie huis..
    Groetjes Chris

  4. De voormalige garage woning in Den Bosch is i.d.d. super! Jullie huis trouwens ook! Suc6 met de verkoop, gaat vast goed komen gezien de presentatiefoto's :)
    Groetjes Marloes

  5. Prachtig en kleurrijk interieur! Ik wens je veel succes!



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