zondag 22 december 2013

august in december

It was on my to-go-list for such a long time, but today we actually experienced "Villa August" in december. It was a grey and cold winterday, but it felt warm and bright being there. Sharing our visit at Villa Augustus with lovely friends and all our kids. Knowing we will visit it on a sunny day (perhaps in august) some time.

PS. the neon pink christmas decoration fish left at the top of the tree (at picture nine) has moved to our X-MAS tree in Zutphen as a sweet souvenir :)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Zo leuk! Ik ben zo gek op Villa Augustus! Ik rijd er graag voor om! Fijne dagen voor jou en je familie! Lfs Femke

  2. Ik heb genoten van je blog, creativiteit en inspiratie in 2013. Alle goeds voor jou en je gezin in 2014

    Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year. My wish for you in the coming year is peace and joy.


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