zondag 11 november 2012

enjoying my blessings

A heavy week with lots of mixed emotions, but knowing there are always blessings to count.

Some of my lovely blessings were:
* a lovely deer we bought at my favorite store HEMA for X-MAS but secretly for every other day of the year
* our kids, captured on this lazy sunday morning, enjoying reading books
* today visiting the museum of VSM with the kids walking around impressive old trains,
* and celebrating St. Martin on the 11th of november with Pip & Floor walking with their cute lanterns, singing songs and getting candy :)

Hoping you counted some great blessings too!

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful blessings! By the way I bought a fox for christmas but I am planning to have him all year hehe!


  2. Wat heb je weer kostbare en mooie momenten met ons gedeeld. Dank je wel daarvoor. Fijne week!

  3. ooh ik heb ook dat hertje! hij is zooo schattig ! ♥

  4. Het hertje is te cute! Ik moet nodig naar de Hema :P

  5. Hallo! Wij zouden je erg graag willen uitnodigen op een Blogger Lunch, maar vinden je mailadres niet. Laat jij ons even wat weten? press(at)studiotoutpetit.com


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